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The High Holidays are a time of memory and reflection, renewal and celebration. It is Jewish tradition to gather as a community and recall the beloved memories of our loved ones as a part of the holiday observance.

With this in mind, Chabad Jewish Center of Lincoln will be creating a Yizkor Memorial Booklet containing  the names of our community's loved ones who have passed on. The booklet will be distributed during Yom Kippur Yizkor Service and we will mention the names in the Yizkor booklet during the service.

We remember. We are inspired. And we pledge to do good in the merit of their souls. For this reason, the Yizkor service includes a pledge to tzedakah (charity) on behalf of the souls of the deceased.  

Please click on the button below to include the names of your loved ones in this year's Yizkor Memorial Booklet. 

Yizkor Memorial Booklet

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