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Community Projects

The Challah Initiative

The challah initiative is a community kindness project aimed at bringing some extra love into people's lives. Refer a friend and bring them the warmth of Shabbat and the taste of freshly baked Challah which we'll deliver straight to their door! New neighbors, new moms, someone you know under the weather or a friend. Share some love with a loaf of love!



We're excited to bring ARK (Acts of Random Kindness) to Lincoln. ARK is a small yellow boat-shaped charity box, whose purpose is to spread kindness. ARK is different to any other form of giving. One small act of kindness can make a difference. But one act of kindness repeated, truly has the ability to transform a life. Just put in a little change every day. When it’s full give it to someone or something deserving, a charity of your choice.
Then, when that’s done, do it again.
Very soon you’ll see that what starts off as small change in your life, creates a big change in the life of someone else.



Me-zu-zah: A little scroll that hangs on the doorposts of Jewish homes, reminding us of G-d's protection. 

Are you Jewish, living in Lincoln, and don't yet have a Mezuzah adorning your home or room? Please reach out - we can get one for you! Bring the blessing and security of Mezuzah to your home, workplace or community. Join millions of Jews and over three thousand years of tradition! 

Learn more about Mezuzah

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