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Chababka Bake

Chababka? What's that!? 

Chababka is a combination of the words Challah and Babka. Challah is the traditional braided Jewish bread, Babka is a decadent pastry loaf, filled with chocolate or cinnamon. 

On Sunday, January 14, Chabad of Lincoln will be having a Chababka Bake - where we'll double the fun and make both! Ingredients will be prepared for every participant to make a delicious Challah dough, enough to make two loaves - one Challah and one Babka (you can choose to make two of the same, too!). Once the dough is ready, we'll learn the art of braiding a Challah and making a Babka. You'll be able to choose from different toppings for the Challah and fillings for the babka. 

This will be an afternoon you don't want to miss!

Enjoy a wonderful time with great people, delicious Challah bar and other refreshments, free entry into various raffle prizes, and more! 

Challah and Babka will be taken home raw to be baked at home. You'll also get an event apron to take home with you. 

This event is open to men and women, and is $25/person for RSVP before January 10. RSVP after January 10 is $30/person.

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